What are small businesses that we can start from home?

A home business is like any other hence it is essential to prepare well for its growth. It requires you to have the appropriate skills and knowledge on how to run a successful business.

 Small business from home will fail if you start it with a notion of earning instant riches or earning while resting. It will also collapse if you do not deliver on promises as clients expect similar consistency to other businesses. For those with a determination to achieve what are small businesses that we can start from home?

Online commerce

 You can run a successful business online from your home if you can access the right products and sell them on favorite commerce websites like eBay or Amazon.  You only need to create time for packing and shipping to best premium writing services sell on eBay. It might take some time to learn to sell on Amazon, but since it is a home-based business, there is time to master the process. Those who make a lot of money from the sales and we too can.


 If you are good at arts, you too can sell your work on sites like Etsy.com , Art.co, and DevientArt.com.  The website where you choose to display your work will take a percentage of the selling price for each item which is not a big issue as it helps in exposing you to a broad audience.

You can also start graphic art business from home if you have the skill. You will use creative software to create banners, ads, website pages among others for different companies. You can work at any time of the day to beat the deadlines and even hire other graphic artists you get many orders on a contract basis.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is for use on websites, print advertisements, blogs, posters and anything that needs the inclusion of a picture.  There is much demand for unique and perfect photos for the occasion.  Skills and love for photography are values you can transform into a small home business. You can take pictures and upload them to stock photography libraries. Most allow photographers to upload their photos and sell them from their websites. You can go a step better and create your site for selling photos.

Independent writing

An independent writer has options to write articles, blogs, web content or another form of writing.  You might even specialize in blogging to write about your most knowledgeable topics and earn through advertizing, product promotions and marketing.  Video blogs (vlogging) is also becoming popular. You may also decide to focus on writing and publishing books. Book publishing can be about your ideas or those that serve particular demands in the market. Print on demand publishing enables you to test the market and write with confidence to make sales.

 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a beneficial small home business model.  Companies rely on affiliates to sell products and services on their behalf on the internet.   It does not require buying of stock, but you will receive commissions for everything you sell. A wide range of products is available for sale on sites such as ClickBank.com.

All the above businesses are simple to start from without much capital, overheads or need to travel.

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