7 Common Signs And Symptoms Of A Air Conditioner Problems

Summertime involves adjusting to the change in temperature. It is a period that you need a well-maintained air conditioner (AC) system. However, there are times when homeowners or businesses have to deal with issues and repairs. The following are seven common signs and symptoms of air conditioner problems that you need to know.

Refrigerant Issue

Problems with low refrigerant are one issue why you need to seek AC Repair Sterling VA. It comes from the unit unable to cool the room properly. The common causes are leaks along refrigerant lines or the refrigerant needs replacement. Always consult with an HVAC technician to determine the type of repairs necessary.

Drainage Issue

You can also encounter clogged drains in your AC system. The issue comes from the drain line gets blocked by dirt or solid object. There are also situations where the pan accumulates water and goes back up to the system. Make sure to technician diagnose the problem to prevent mold growth or water leaks.

Thermostat Problem

Having trouble with your thermostat require the assistance of an AC repair Sterling VA. The situation is apparent to businesses and homeowners still using a dial-type AC system. It is due to wrong calibrations that send instructions to the control system. A technician just needs to recalibrate to meet your performance needs.

Faulty Fans

Your AC can experience faulty fans which limit its ability to produce cool air. Note that AC systems contain two fans; one that blows indoor air and the other to expel heat. The issue can come from factors such as motor, lubrication, damaged belts, and accumulation of dust and debris. When you hear the fan spinning loudly, it is best to call your trusted technician.

Damaged Ducts

The temperature of your AC can suffer due to damaged ducts. The issue occurs when the ducts have holes or breaks. The process leads to cooled air not passing effectively and takes longer to cool down the room. An effective way to diagnose the process is to determine the time it takes for the space to get the ideal temperature. If it takes longer than expected, then you need to call the AC technician.

Condenser Coils

The purpose of condenser coils is allowing the heat to move out of the room. The accumulation of dirt and grime, however, can lead to potential difficulties with your AC system to function. It becomes challenging for the system to perform heat transfer and impact your coil.

Evaporator Coils

Finally, evaporator coils help the AC system absorb heat from the air. However, the refrigerant can freeze the coil making it challenging to function effectively. The most common indicator of an evaporator coil problem is the ice buildup on the outside of your AC. You definitely need to call AC repair Sterling VA to fix the situation and prevent further damage.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the seven issues above are some of the air conditioning issues homeowners and businesses might face. Learning how to detect these problems early can help determine the necessary solutions. More importantly, they get to administer preventive maintenance and limit significant damage and cost.
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