Ohio 11-year-old girl is severely malnourished

A teacher conducting an internet assessment heard a student say she was allowed to eat a plate of rice every day. This alerted researchers. The woman, who was severely malnourished and living in filth, was found to have been isolated for many decades.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the woman was only 47 lbs (21.3 kgs) when she was found in September. She was also 30 lbs (13.6 kg) below the average weight for a woman her own age. Investigators believe she was a victim of domestic abuse over the past few decades and that she had been living alone in her home.

She was kept in a trailer that was being monitored by a security camera. She had been forced to change diapers and put on a mattress at times.

She explained that it was a miracle she made it from there once she did. “Whomever she was retained, it wasn’t livable.”

Margaret Breeze, 47, was charged with kidnapping and child threatening. She has pleaded guilty and will remain at the county prison about 40 miles east from Cincinnati.

Thursday: Her lawyer left a message. She did not answer calls for her home.

Police said that the woman was homeschooled so she could continue her education there and accept the test.

Quinn Carlson, sheriff’s detective, said that Quinn Carlson, the instructor who alerted investigators, noticed the woman was having trouble paying attention and asked her why. Quinn Carlson was referring to The News Democrat weekly in Georgetown, which originally reported the arrest.

Carlson said that officials from the county children’s services agency found the woman in a diaper.

Carlson said that the family maintained a camera because she would try to escape from home. Carlson denied that they had abused the woman.

Corbin said that the woman was admitted to the hospital by Corbin after being rescued. She had been diagnosed with malnutrition, which is a common disease in areas of the world where people are suffering from famine.

According to police, she is now doing better and has lost approximately 15 lbs (6.8 kgs).

Corbin stated that the woman had been living with Breeze since she was six years old. It wasn’t immediately clear if the two were related.

Breeze was home-schooled at age 8 by her mother. She continued to be educated by her father. Corbin said that records from the trip revealed that she had lost 4 pounds (1.8 kg) in the past 3 decades.

Corbin said that researchers are still looking into whether there were additional suspects or individuals who could have helped the woman. According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Charles Breeze, Charles Breeze’s husband, was taken into custody. According to a statement information outlet, Charles Breeze is currently at the age of 61. It wasn’t immediately clear if Charles Breeze had a lawyer.

He explained that there was no evidence they were being abused, but there were children living in the house. These children have been removed from the home.

Corbin said that police threatened to regain the records of their child, but it was not clear who shouted.

This is a similar situation from four years ago. A lady and her boyfriend in southern Ohio pleaded guilty at raping her children after her infant sent an email to an online instructor asking for help. She stated that she and her sisters had been chained to their beds and even starved.