Is My Name Predicting My Destiny?

A new study has been done on the self-fulfilling prophecy that names are self-fulfilling. It appears that Dennis is more likely than any other name to be a dentist. However, it acknowledges that not all Dentists are named Dennis.

Research from Belgium suggests that your name can have an impact on your life. University of Pennsylvania research shows that it is possible to have an unconscious effect.

People with similar names, for example, are more likely than others to help in relief efforts after a named storm damages somewhere in the world.

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Women named Kathy and Katey, or Katrina in particular, are more likely to assist with fund raising after Hurricane Katrina.

Charles, Chaz and Charlie are more likely after Hurricane Charlie to donate to charities that help affected communities.

My question is, do you feel guilty too? It makes sense, right? Have you ever been exposed to a crime on television and felt that it was unfair?

The reverse could also be true. Do you feel pride if a person named after you saves a child’s life from a burning house?

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You are right. Yes, I know that I do.

    • If this is true, then the idea that your name has a subconscious effect on you has merit.
    • This is not about numerology and your name. This is a topic for another time.
    • This is the self-fulfilling prophecy in your name that will affect your life’s decisions.

The Belgium study showed that people were more likely than others to work in a business with a similar name. The study did not include Joe Carter’s work at “Carter and Sons.” The study actually showed that people who had their names ending with “W” were more likely than those whose names did not start with “W”.

It works like this: Take every person whose names do not begin with a letter “W”, and then you add up the number of people who worked for a business that did. This would be called the control. xx% of people without names beginning with “W” work in businesses that do have a “W.”

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If there were no influences (subconscious or not), then the percentages of people whose names began with a “W”, should be equal to the percentages of people who did NOT. Right? The Belgium study did show an increase. It would be simply >xx%, for the sake of our equation.

Although they don’t actually give the numbers, I’m sure they aren’t huge. However, any discrepancy adds credence to the hypothesis. Your name does help you predict your destiny!

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What does your name stand for?

You might be surprised at how many. The history of names has shown that they have a strong impact on an individual’s entire life. A lot of times in the Bible, a person’s name is changed to reflect their new purpose and direction in life. The examples could continue endlessly: Abram became Abraham, Saul became Paul and so on.

My wife believes that you cannot name a child until you’ve added a “Dr.” to the name so you can hear how it sounds. My mother said that you cannot name a child unless you shout it out of a window so the neighbors can hear it.

Let me conclude by saying that I hope there aren’t any Cyclones or Hurricanes called “Houdini” anytime soon. I can’t afford the guilt or the money!