The Way to Make a Cardboard Box

The simplest and fastest way to secure a cardboard box is to use a hand tape dispenser. A tape dispenser permits the packing tape also cut on the tape into the required period and to stream throughout the system. Even if you use a lot and have bulk stock of cardboard boxes in your warehouse, there isn’t really a faster way.

The absolute most secure way is your ‘H’ seal method. The H shield method allows to be sealed, offering extra security. The H’s shield system shows a top amount of tamper proof since there clearly was tape.

Below is our easy to use guide on how best to secure a cardboard box.

Measure 1

Using a tape dispenser, then pull the tape and then start by the side of the cardboard box dispenser straight back and over the cover of the box to seal the 2 flaps.

Measure Two

Keep on to pull on straight back the tape dispenser through the cover of the cardboard box and invite a few inches of tape to follow down the box’s medial side.

Step 3

Yank on the tape dispenser right down and so that the blade will cut on the tape at the required point.

Step 4

Make use of the tape dispenser to seal the edges of the cardboard box but allow an overhang of tape.

Measure 5

Twist on both sides of this cardboard box over the overhang of tape.

Step 6

Duplicate around the opposite hand and seal the base of the box as earlier accomplished. When you have finished, your cardboard box is going to be sealed displaying a H onto bottom and the top of one’s box.

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