Healing Bracelets and Beads

A lot of individuals who are discontented with conventional medicine are anxious to get alternative therapies like magnetic therapy. It is believed that magnets produce positive impacts on living tissue.

They have elements that relieve pain and provide healing. According to numerous researches carried out at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas), pain can be relieved in the regions of the knee and hip.

Magnetic beaded bracelets created from numerous materials are presently available. These are materials such as iron, nickel, titanium, cobalt, sterling silver, tungsten carbide, copper and steel magnetic bracelets.

But, all magnetic bracelets function on the basis of magnetic therapy principles.

Healing Properties of Bracelets

The main aim of a bracelet is to accessorize one’s appearance; however, a lot of individuals wear bracelets due to their metaphysical or healing properties.

Some people wear bracelets created from semi-precious stones, since they have faith in the healing powers of these stones. For instance, a lot of individuals wear bracelets created from tiger eye stones to attract good fortune.

Individuals wear bracelets also to enhance their health. For instance, garnet bracelets assist to improve blood circulation. Apart from stone bracelets, others seek the health enhancement elements of magnetic bracelets.

A magnetic bracelet is available in numerous materials and kinds. Normally, these bracelets are created from stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and hematite beads. It is safe also for individuals with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, a huge variety of magnetic bracelets for ladies and gents for any event are available. They can be worn to a social event or casual affair.

Theories on Magnetic Healing Bracelets Function

  • Numerous theories exist on how magnetic healing beads and bracelets function to generate therapeutic effects. There is a belief that magnetic bracelets create magnetic field force near the affected area. 

The magnetic field allows the creation of natural analgesics in the body, such as melatonin and endorphins. This assists to enhance blood circulation, encourage the healing procedure and reduce swelling, pain, stomach disorders, anxiety and    stress.

  • Another theory states that our bodies’ living cells produce electromagnetic impulses. When there is an interruption in these impulses, this causes numerous health issues and pain.

The body’s magnetic field is balanced by magnetic healing     bracelet and fuels the electromagnetic energy flow via the energy centers of the body called meridians. This decreases numerous health complications, promotes energy release and impacts physiological mechanisms.

  • Another theory states that the magnetic field formed by the bracelet draws the iron available in the blood stream. This assists to enhance blood flow to the part of the body that is sick. The raised flow of blood supplies extra oxygen and nutrients to the region, which leads to quicker recovery.
  • Another theory provides an explanation on magnetic healing effects based on its contact with the ions available in the body. The human body has charged ions that carry electrical charge, either positive or negative.

Normally, a balance is sustained between negative and positive charges in the body. But, a disruption of the charge balance can lead to numerous health issues such as organ malfunctioning,    pain and metabolic disorders.

The electromagnetic field that magnetic bracelets produce assists to reinstate the ions balance. As a result, this helps you to conquer illness and go back to a normal, healthy form.

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