Phentermine is a legal supplement under the convention on Psychotropic substances!!!

Introductory overview to Phentermine:

Phentermine is a kind of stimulant, which is generally prescribed to the individuals who want to lose weight. Currently this is scheduled as a Class IV drug along with numerous several stimulants, which are used to treat obesity and for the deficit disorders. The drugs are classified in different categories in the United States that help in enforcement of law and for the consumers to know, which drugs is most dangerous. These categories of drugs are known as the schedules.

The drugs belonging to the schedule I are considered the drugs, which are the most dangerous and are meant for non-medical use only. The drugs categorized in the schedule V are considered to be the safest under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. The Phentermine has some risk of dependency and abuse, so it is kept on the safer side of the spectrum. Also, there are several side effects of the Phentermine of which an individual must be careful.

Characteristics for classification of drugs:

The categories generally look forĀ  three features, when making evaluation of a drug. As per the classification of Phentermine drug, it is considered more useful and safer as well. As Phentermine is classified as a schedule IV drug, it cannot be purchased without any prescription and recommendation of a doctor. This doctor can be an online healthcare professional as well. This medicine must always be purchased with a prescription from any pharmacy.

One is recommended to make an appointment with a doctor, so as to make a discussion on the Phentermine for losing weight. This enables an individual to avoid its long term side effects. IN some countries, the purchase of the Phentermine is legal, if an individual has a prescription. This drug is very well regulated in the countries like Europe or the United States. Phentermine has some risks associated to abuse like other stimulants. It is recommended that an individual must not buy the Phentermine on internet without any prescription.

A drug is classified as a schedule IV drug, if it has a low potential to abuse in comparison to other drugs or substances of schedule III. Secondly, the drug could be presently accepted for medical use for making treatment in the United States. Thirdly, the abuse of the drug may leads to psychological and physical dependence related to other substances in Schedule III. This product is a leading product for weight loss available online. This has pharmacy grade ingredients and helps in stimulation of the metabolism of an individual.

There are several drug stores and websites advertising OTC Phentermine results without any prescription are illegal and are considered as a scam or an alternative supplement. Buying this product without any prescription can be dangerous and are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Under the convention of Psychotropic substances, Phentermine is classified as a schedule IV drug and is legal to be used by an individual until an individual has a prescription of a doctor.

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