Top SEO Trends to Expect in 2016

The past few years have seen exciting trends in search engine optimization. SEO Company Cork SMBclix tell us about it in this guide. We are now used to the dreaded Google updates and whoever wants to continue enjoying free and targeted traffic has no option but to comply with the guidelines given by big G.

We have also witnessed the immense growth of mobile traffic which coincidentally led to Mobilegedon update which penalized websites that were not mobile compliant. This alone was a major shakeup especially in the local rankings and many people lost their entire businesses due to this. As we get into the year, search engine optimization will continue evolving.

The following are some of what are to be expected in SEO-:

Video content likely to overtake written content

Presently, written content is considered the “standard” by many brands and webmasters. Other types of content such as infographics, images and videos amongst others only serve as peripheral additions to written content. However, the use of video gathered considerable steam in the last year as they proved to be more interesting and engaging to the audiences.

With more video creation technologies and distribution outlets coming up, it is projected that video content will overtake written content in terms of reach, effectiveness, engagement and overall return on investments. This is something that every serious search engine optimization expert must look keenly into.

Mobile optimization will be more crucial than desktop optimization

For the past few years, the majority of online users have been using desktop devices to access the internet. Hence, a lot of search engine optimization has been geared towards the desktop users. But with the introduction of more efficient Smartphone and other equally efficient mobile devices has changed the game completely as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

Currently, the number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet has already overtaken the number of people using desktop devices for the same purposes. Experts thus intimate that mobile optimization will be more crucial than desktop optimization since mobile traffic is more than the desktop traffic.

App Store Optimization

Increased use of mobile devices has also seen an increase in mobile app development. Business are in the race to overtake each other in coming up with various apps for their clients. This in turn has led to a more deep-linking aspect in search engine optimization where the search algorithms now consider different apps which are also shown on search results.

Consumers are increasingly turning to apps to “cut the chase” and get information without wasting any time. This is evident with search tools like Siri and we can only expect to see more of such apps as the year progresses.

Fierce wars on Content Algorithm

Another trend that is sure to feature in search engine optimization this year is Google’s aggressive wars on the content algorithm. Google still maintains that content has to be relevant and of high quality to the website visitors. They will thus continue to improve the search algorithm to punish those trying to manipulate it while rewarding sites with quality content with higher search engine rankings.

A lot more is still expected in search engine optimization, but these seem to be the game changers to watch out for in this year.

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