Tools for Small Business

The life of small business owners is tough because they have to work long hours and take risks in order to grow their business. In order to keep you organize you should need few digital tools to manage and do important tasks of business and fortunately there are great tools which are helpful for business owners. These tools can be called as management tools or digital tools as well. In order to get success and mange different task of the business I would like to introduce you with few tools which are proved useful for business owners. A businessman requires some essential tools such as software erp to manage and build the foundation of business. Few tools are mentioned below.


Evernote is the highly productive tool for daily tasks such as writing, collecting, finding, collecting and organizing as Evernote promises that for everything you will do. Evernote is cloud based software which is able to keep the track of everything such as notes, photos, lists and you can share with others members as well. It is a helpful app for sharing thought and ideas. There are much more uses of this great app which is must for every businessman. There are few alternatives of Evernote as well such as OneNote, Wunderlist, Todolist and others.

Google sheets, Docs and Slides

You can manage the important tasks of your business on Google docs, Sheets and slides. With Google office software you can create or edit the professional documents, presentations and spreadsheets easily from your phone or tablet. It is a useful tool for business owners and they need it for storing documents, making reports and presentations. Files can also be saved for offline usage and you can edit them as well via MS PowerPoint, excel or word. You can share the presentations or sheets with other members a well. Some people use Microsoft Office 365 as an alternative of Google Apps.


Mint is another great application which is helpful for business owners. You must have noticed that business owners need to update their data regarding budget and finances so it is important to save their data. You will have to give this software permission to see financial data and this software will gather all information regarding your spending habits, your expenditures and how you manage your budget. It is one of the easiest applications to evaluate your financial data. New business owners should use this software to set their budget and their spending limit so it will notify you when you are close to your limit. This software keep an eye on your incoming and outgoing funds and give your reports in the form of charts and graphs. So take advantage of this tool and manage your finances.

Apart from the three above mentioned tools for small business there are much more you can use and number of applications such as Canva, Pixlr, Zoho, sprout and many others.

BPMN Software- A Special Tool

Bpmn software is another great emerging tool which is special tool. It is productive and user friendly tool which is essential for business owners.

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