Taking Better Care of Your Narrow Boat

Even if you have a new narrow boat, chances are at some point in its life, and it will require some repairs to keep it functioning correctly. As a boat gets older, certain factors that include corrosion and wear and tear can lead to thinning of the metal. It is therefore prudent to regularly check your boat for these types of problems and taking measures to ensure they don’t completely damage your canal boat.

The following are just some tips to help you maintain a good working narrow boat;

  1. Blacking the Hull

Blacking the hull will help to protect the areas of the boat that sit close to the waterline. The process is intended to protect the hull from risks that include rusting, rubbing and pitting, thereby extending the life of the boat. Blacking a hull is a process that you can do yourself although you will need to take the boat out if the water. The bitumen finish applied during the process can be reapplied every 2-3 years and the Epoxy solution can be applied every 5-6 years.

  1. Check the Boat Regularly

It is important to check the entire boat once in a while for tiny damage points that may cause problems in the future. While the boat is out of the water, check to ensure the hull’s strength. If you find there are some weak points that may need repair, it is advisable to have an expert recommend and carry out the necessary repairs. Source of inspiration Attempting to repair the hull yourself may invalidate some insurance policies. Be sure to check all other areas of the boat including the propeller and pipes, making replacements or repairs when necessary.

Weeds and other unwanted materials can get caught on the propeller and may cause damages in the long run. If you can, remove them.

  1. Consider Overplating

Overplating can be one way to significantly increase the boat’s life span. While you should consider doing this, it does have an element of narrowboat welding that should be left to the professionals. In fact, take extra care when selecting the welding or boat repair company to accomplish this for you since plating is a delicate process that can cause more harm than good when done incorrectly.

You want a company with great narrowboat welding standards to limit the risk of violating your insurance policy terms. At the same time the welder or boat repair company of your choice should be able to pay close attention to all the details on your boat to ensure the sections that need special attention like the hull opening and outlets are properly plated.

  1. Clean the Bilge

You also want to clean the bilge on your boat on a regular basis. This will further prevent corrosion that can occur as a result or dirt and bacteria. There are a lot of bilge cleaning products available to help with this task. Select a biodegradable bilge cleaner and then follow the instructions to use it.

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