Lake Como. Where mountain joins the lake

In Italy, there are various lakes with big dimensions, and with a high attractiveness like Lake Garda, Lake Iseo or Lake Maggiore. Nevertheless, a lake worthy of a particular attention is undoubtedly Lake Como, known also as Lario. The whole territory is completely surrounded by the mountains. On the shores, there are a lot of villages, and also famous, luxury country-houses on Lake Como.

The Lario is lake of glacial origin, very full of fishes, where the protected species live. The whole lake is completely surrounded by the mountains, Mount Legnone, with its 2600 meters, is the highest peak of the territory. The tourist, which decides to visit Lake Como, is guaranteed the chance to explore the lake and also the mountain. The double environment gives a great number of locations to visit and to explore. There are also a lot of parks on the territory, which invite to the exploration through long walks.

Varenna and Bellagio: two fairy-tale villages in the reality

One of the key factors of Lario popularity, in addition to the prestigious country-houses of Lake Como, are the picturesque villages disseminated on the territory like Varenna or Bellagio. These villages are small jewels scattered on the shore of the lake, each one has some characteristics which make unique each visit.

Bellagio is also known as the “pearl” of Lake Como, not only for the luxury hotels and restaurants, or the ancient, evocative houses of the old village, but it is its particular position to make Bellagio a unique place. In fact, Bellaggio is one of the old towns more important of the country. The village is unbelievably typical, with a retro appearance, evocative houses, ancient alleys, and the famous hills and slopes.

Varenna is one of the typical, fascinating villages of Lake Como. Completely dominated by Castle Vezio. Varenna is located in a rocky promontory dominated by a mount vertically, it offers like a lively, modern tourist centre, heart of the lake navigation, but it is also the guardian of a medieval history, the best kept of the lakes area. Varenna can offer a lot of things to the tourist: its old town which starts from the square before Church S. Giorgio, the ancient Roman forum, which goes down the tight streets and steps towards the waterfront.

A place unique in the world

Lake Como is undoubtedly a very visual place considering the various glimpse that you can enjoy. This territory is able to offer typical, romantic villages, everything inside a unique, natural environment. A land characterised by a lot of traditions, culture currents, and a unique cookery which contains the lake and the mountain. The Lario territory is undoubtedly one of the place that the world envies us, the hope is that these territories will receive an incredible care, which is continuously given by the community.

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