Commercial Playground Trends 2018: What to Expect and What to Build

Playgrounds have been around for quite some time now. It was a memorable place for all of us as we grew up in swing sets, sandboxes, and seesaws. Have you ever wondered what new commercial playground equipment had been invented since the last time we took a swing at it at the monkey bars?

One thing is for sure is that playgrounds in 2018 have definitely improved. Here are some of the new favorites when it comes to commercial playground equipment!

Wood and Rope

If there is one common observation when it comes to playgrounds in 2018, it will be themed playgrounds. The basics are making a comeback and there will be a clash between the classic versus new equipment. Furthermore, the wood and rope playground naturally blends in with the environmental surroundings. It gives a grounded feel that children would most definitely enjoy, overwhelming them with a lot of options for incorporating fitness structures.

Furthermore, children will not be the only ones coming to the playground anymore, the wood and rope theme would also adhere to the adults.

Playable Art

Art is fun and visually appealing. A modern twist on the standard plastic slide and swing set will surely capture the hearts of the children and those that are children at heart.

Playable art is now changing the traditional way of seeing how a playground functions. Commercial playground equipment is combined with art techniques and pieces that will elicit the perfect atmosphere of enjoying fun times.

Walking Trails

Not all playgrounds should be bombarded with equipment. Public green spaces are now considered part of a playground because encouraging people to walk can also be fun and healthy for our body and brains! Furthermore, cities from across the world are looking for ways to be more pedestrian friendly.

Sensory Playgrounds

In the process of designing a playground and figuring out the equipment to be included in it, it is important not to discriminate. Children who are experiencing autism or other sensory processing disorders can now enjoy a fun afternoon at the park with these sensory-themed playgrounds. Aside from sensory play, they can socialize, communicate, and imagine!

Sports for All Ages

On top of the vast green spaces for walking, some playgrounds also incorporate areas for certain outdoor sports. Today, it is not unusual to find soccer fields and basketball courts at parks. One trend that you will notice in playgrounds expanding is that it tends to make room for activities for both adults and children.

Destination Playground

While playgrounds have always elicited a sense of adventure, today’s playgrounds are raising the bars as they introduce out-of-the-box designs and social atmosphere that will adhere to adults and children. Playgrounds that are often themed tend to embrace all ages and abilities. Furthermore, destination playground draws in the local community and tourists.

There are a lot of game changers when it comes to your local community playground. Certain commercial playground equipment would even include very realistic rock climbers, areas for yoga classes, an atmosphere for meditation and relaxation, and other play structures. Nonetheless, creators and designers of playground areas continue to experiment in various types of machinery and equipment to incorporate other-worldly designs that inspire imaginative physical play.
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